Microsoft Word is the best-selling word processor from the Microsoft Office suite of applications. And innovation is at the heart of its success, with new features that enable PC users to focus on content and easily create great-looking documents fast.

This book teaches Microsoft Word 2019 and Word for Office 365 with the help of screenshots. It is an essential book for both beginning to advanced user on getting the most out of the powerful word processor. The personal training system offers easy-to-follow lessons that include clear objectives and real-world business examples. Users can learn exactly what they need to know, at their own pace.

What you will learn from this guide?

  • Make beautiful, well-organized word documents to improve your communication
  • Visualize the data and information by using different illustrations and graphs
  • Use stylish headings, bookmarks, and footnotes for more elaborative documents
  • Collaborate on documents, track each other’s’ changes, and documents in real-time
  • Quickly build TOCs, indexes, and equations and label diagrams
  • Generate individualized emails, letters, labels, envelopes, directories, and catalogs
  • Supercharge efficiency with custom styles, themes, templates, and building blocks

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