Active Server Pages (ASP) technology represents, in most cases, the best server-side scripting choice for intranets, extranets, and public Web sites served by Windows NT and Internet Information Server (IIS). Instant ASP Scripts provides network administrators with a crash course in ASP work along with a considerable library of ready-to-use scripts.

An initial ASP tutorial explains the basics of the language, but the really interesting educational material accompanies the scripts in the library. With each program, the author comments on whatever interesting tricks he’s used, excerpting the code as needed. The book touches on pretty much everything ASP can do (including its considerable power to interact with databases).

The library includes a script that runs a suggestion box, another that runs a vote counter, one that files requests for purchase orders, and a whole bunch of calculators. You’ll also find scripts for rotating banner ads, a script that walks the surfer through a troubleshooting tree, and a script that tracks vacation time. Rather than pad his book with gee-whiz scripts having little practical value, Greg Buczek has built a collection of scripts that are useful just as they are and can be modified to fit other situations. (All the code appears on the companion CD-ROM.)

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