With the advent of inexpensive and fast worldwide connectivity, many Oracle professionals recognize the benefits of distributing Oracle data. However, Oracle multi-master replication is extremely complex and time-consuming to implant.

This book addresses the complexity of Oracle replication by providing working code examples and illustrations of working systems. Demonstrated is every aspect of Oracle snapshot replication including syntax for refresh intervals, managing snapshot logs, monitoring oracle replication, and refresh timings. Included is a description of the intricacies of Oracle multimaster replication tuning and monitoring. Also detailed are techniques for implementing conflict resolution in multi-master replication.

Review by Benjamin S. Prusinski

Written by a known Oracle and replication technology expert, I enjoyed learning new things on how to design and manage Oracle replication environments. The excellent examples, scripts and workshops helped me to ramp up quickly on this complex technology.

Review by Thush2 (audubon, pa United States)

Nicely compiled book with all the necessary information and procedures to implement replication. It is nice to see replication implemented using scripts/cmds other than GUI. Can recommend to any intermediate/advanced DBA who administer distributed databases.

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