Ace your preparation for Exam 70-270?and expand your knowledge of Windows XP Professional?with this popular training kit, now fully updated for Windows XP Service Pack 2 and other key topics. Designed to help maximize your performance on the Windows XP exam, a core requirement for MCSA or MCSE certification, this kit packs the resources that exam candidates want most?including in-depth, self-paced training; rigorous, objective-by-objective review; exam tips from expert, exam-certified authors; and a robust testing suite. It also provides real-world scenarios, case study examples, and troubleshooting labs for the skills and expertise you can apply to the job.

Topics include installing or upgrading to Windows XP Professional,

  • Including automated installations;
  • Configuring and managing hardware, disks, and file systems;
  • Configuring and customizing the desktop environment;
  • Administering security features, including the advanced security technologies in Windows XP Service Pack 2;
  • Managing TCP/IP networking;
  • Troubleshooting the boot process and other system issues;
  • Supporting remote and mobile users;
  • Monitoring resources and performance.

Work at your own pace through the lessons, exercises, labs, and review, then use the Readiness Review Suite on CD for in-depth self-assessment and practice. Featuring advanced technology from MeasureUp, Readiness Review delivers 425 challenging practice questions with your choice of timed or untimed testing mode. You can generate random tests or focus on discrete objectives or chapters. And you get detailed explanations for right and wrong answers?including pointers to other sources for additional study.

The kit also includes a 120-day evaluation version of Windows XP Professional software, including the new service pack, plus the latest Microsoft encyclopedias for networking and security in eBook format. And you get a 15% exam discount voucher?making this kit an exceptional value and a great career investment!

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