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Search Engine Marketing

There are a lot of things involved with search engine marketing. It is not hard to learn the skills & techniques in Search Engine Marketing. And once well-read, search engine marketing can provide a successful technique of driving highly targeted visitors to your web site or blog.

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Web Hosting Choice

Web Hosting Choice Finding a good web host is quite a hectic job these days as there are millions of web hosting companies around the world. Most web hosting companies offer wide verities of products and services. Web hosting...

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Microsoft Word 2019 Step by Step

Microsoft Word is the best-selling word processor from the Microsoft Office suite of applications. And innovation is at the heart of its success, with new features that enable PC users to focus on content and easily create...

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Degunking Windows

Degunking Windows covers the basics to help users quickly get their PCs back to top performance. The unique thing about Degunking Windows is that it’s organized according to the special “cleaning” process that...

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Shopping Cart for E-Commerce Websites

Having a shopping cart for an e-commerce website is must. Either a shopping cart can be build from scratch which is just a waste of time and effort. There are thousands of shopping carts available, which are free and can be...

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Quicksort implementation in C

Quicksort is a well-known sorting algorithm developed by C.A.R. Hoare: Quicksort. QuickSort is an efficient algorithm based on Divide and Conquer rule and is still a commonly used algorithm for sorting. It works by selecting a ‘pivot’ element from the array and partitioning the other elements into two sub-arrays and recursively sorting them.

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