Month: Updated May 26, 2021

Source Game Development Engine

Source Game Development Engine is a successor to GoldSrc and developed by Valve Corporation. Source is written in C++ programming language and it’s SDKs can be compiled in multiple Visual Studio versions as well as GCC Compiler. This 3D game development engine that does not bear a numbering scheme for its versions because it is created in continuous progressive updates.

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How to Fix VCRUNTIME140_1.dll Library Errors?

The VCRUNTIME140_1.dll is a Visual C++ Redistributable runtime library file for Visual Studio 2015 and is available to download from the Microsoft Download Center. There are multiple ways to fix the VCRUNTIME140_1.dll file Errors. However, downloading the library from Microsoft Download Center and installing it should fix the problem in most cases.

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6 Top AI-Enabled Video Editing Tools in 2021

In recent times, people have come around with AI-enabled intelligent cameras that can take the right image and identify individuals in the picture. But nowadays you can also find applications in the video editing field which are getting AI-Enabled video editing tools in 2021.

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Learn to code or learn to program

We propose “Learn to Program” rather than “Learn to Code” so that you can think independent of any programming language or framework. A programmer solving a software problem in C two decades ago is similar to solving the problem using the latest language in 2021. What is changed is the programming language to solve the problem; however, steps to solve the problem or design of the problems is more or less the same.

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How To Prepare For PCI DSS Compliance Assessment?

One of the primary regulatory standards that merchants should abide by is the PCI DSS. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements that cater towards protecting consumers and their data as they make transactions using their cards.

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How To Choose The Best Backup Software?

Choosing the right backup software is crucial as it is your important files and data you’re protecting. It should have the features that you need as well, to get your money’s worth. Yet, it can be so hard to choose a backup software with so many options to choose from in the market. To help you find the best one for you, here are some questions you should ask.

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Snowdrop Game Development Engine

Snowdrop is a cross-platform game engine written in C++. A “node-based system” powers the core of this game engine. Initially, Massive Entertainment built this game engine for Personal Computers (PCs) and next-generation development to do “things better not bigger.” This engine is flexible and efficient that enables small teams to develop ambitious AAA games. The sole purpose of this outstanding game engine is to empower the developers.

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How to Offer Personalization to Your Customers

With this guide you will be able to offer extremely helpful and welcome personalization, no matter how big or small or your company is. By putting your customers in charge of the data they provide and the data that you use, you can offer the level of personalization that each customer is comfortable with.

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