Web Applications Security

At my present job I am responsible for web applications administration and security. I lead automation team in all implementation aspects, including project management, process analysis, workflow design, configuration data set-up, systems interface development, system installation, testing, training, go-live, and post-implementation monitoring. One of the major challanges in web applications domain is web development security.

Little known features of C/C++

There are always few little known or hidden features in each programming language. At StackOverflow.com someone started a series of posts “Hidden features of” programming languages. The Hidden Features series is great for people who are new to a certain language.

50 C++ Interview Questions

I have compiled a list of repeatedly asking C++ interview questions here. Some of them are very important C++ questions asked by employers like Microsoft, Adobe and IBM. This list has been updated to include few more questions. How do you check whether a linked list...