Common Text Transformation Library

Common Text Transformation Library, CTTL for short, is a set of C++ classes and functions to understand and modify text data. The library implementation is based on STL classes and algorithms.

The library provides components for creating lexical analyzers making practical use of EBNF grammars. Template meta-programming and operator overloading offer features to write expressions that […]

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AMD’s Open Source Framewave Library

AMD’s Framewave (FW) is a free and open-source collection of image and signal processing routines to accelerate application development, debugging, and optimization on x86-class processor platforms.  FW is a collection of libraries that contain highly-optimized functions for use in a variety of programming domains. All implementations of the libraries provide C and C++ programmers ANSI […]

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Algorithms in C

This book provides a comprehensive collection of algorithms implemented in C programming language. A variety of algorithms are described in each of the following areas: sorting, searching, string-processing, and geometric, graph, and mathematical algorithms. These algorithms are expressed in terms of concise implementations in C, so that readers can both appreciate their fundamental properties and […]

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Matrix libraries for C and C++

This article presents some of the currently available options for open source C/C++ matrix libraries employable within a Linux environment. Particular libraries discussed are Meschach, which provides routines for operating on matrices and vectors for projects coded in C, the Cooperware Matrix (CwMtx) for C++ coding, and Blitz, which provides an n-dimensional array class for […]

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