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Well it’s quite strange then, because I am using the same compile, OS version. Do you exit the program when you press ‘0’? And then press Enter kay to exit the program?

I did the same thing, it worked fine here…

May be anyone else might help you out here. For me this program works fine.

I did not talk about smilies in the post, infact they are to show the feelings. I am talking about the language like

@Encrypted wrote:

nd i m usin windows XP SP2 ….
hwever it ddnt wrk even in windows 2000 …
nd 1 more thng…u r sayin its wrkn fine thru ur compiler

You could have written it like
and i am using windows xp SP2
How ever it did not work even in windows 2000…
and one more thing..you are saying its working fine through your compiles

This way it looks quite readable.