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I have jsut compiled and run your program, and it works fine with me. I am using the same version of borland turbo c compiler on windows XP. It didn’t give me any errors or warning message and the program remained stable. Turbo C neither crashed nor closed with or without any warnings.
What operating system do you use?

@Encrypted wrote:

dis is my code…
now wen i run it, it runs well nd fine…widout ne problems…
but as sun as i exit it…instead of returnin to TC compiler, it jsts exits to d windows…
soo…now if u hav gotta time for it…den pls check it out…
nd giv me a reason nd solution…

nd yaaa…i m using a Borland  Turbo C compiler of version 3.0….thot it mite help u…

Please read the forums guidelines, as people would not understand this language,  it looks like some sort of chatting language :P
But I would advise not to use it because it looks a bit odd and one can’t understand it easily.