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MYCPLUS “C and C++ Programming Resources” was developed after facing difficulties in learning programming languages back in college and university. The first ever computer programming I learnt was classical C programming language. The main focus of the website is also on C and C++ programming.

This website has been developed to help out the students who are looking for resources on learning computer programming specially C and C++ programming languages. The website provides necessary resources like programming tutorials and source code and discussion forum where you can post your problems.

If you like the contents provided on this website and would like to be notified about any updates on the website, give us your email address and join our mailing lists, and we will contact you as soon as there is a new update for you. You can also share this information with your friends, class mates and coleagues.

About Me – Muhammad Saqib

About Me - Muhammad Saqib

About Me - Muhammad Saqib

Hi, I am Saqib, currently studying at University of Plymouth, United Kingdom, completing Masters in Computer Applications. I did Bachelors of Science in Information Technology (BS/IT) from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology in 2005. I like software development in general, but web development is some thing that I am passionate about. I have already completed several projects and some are in the pipeline. If you are interested take a look at some of them.

My complete portfolio can be accessed at http://saqib.mycplus.com/

Practical Work

My last work, before starting MSc, was on Pakistan Earthquake Relief website


Developed a website for promoting higher education among pakistani students about studying in Europe specially in Austria.


I worked with Safecom technologies and developed few website for their clients.


Worked with xPert Technologies Abbottabad, Pakistan as Website Developer. I did a theree months Internship with xPert Technologies as well. This is a part of UK based software firm Maximise IT.


I have attended a Seven days workshop (a joint venture by COMSATS Abbottabad & National College of Arts Lahore.) for developing the CIIT website.


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