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Bank Management Program

This is an automated software system written in C programming language for Bank Management which can handle accounts for customers. It uses files to handle the daily transactions, account management and user management. Its not a complete accounting software just like implemented in the banks, but still it can manage the accounts of the customers using the files at back end. It has a nice graphical layout written in C Language.

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Java Swing GUI Example Program

This Java source code is an example of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with different GUI elements such as TextBox, Buttons, TextArea, Text Area and Labels. It is implemented using Java Swing API which provides a set of “lightweight” (all-Java language) components. This code example extends the functionality of JFrame class to show a JFrame window and Implements ActionListener on buttons to catch the click event on those buttons.

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Knight’s tour Implementation without graphic in C++

This C++ program is tour of knight on 64 square of chess board.  The goal is to place a knight on an empty chess board and then move the knight to each of the remaining 63 squares while only visiting each square once.  If on visiting the last square the knight is able to hop to the square on which it first started it is known as a closed tour (and so the knight could resume the exact same sequence of moves to complete another tour) while if the knight is unable to hop to the original square, it is known as an open tour. 

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