Exception Handling

Error recovery is a fundamental concern for every program you write, and it’s especially important in C++, in which one of the goals is to create program components for others to use. To create a robust system, each component must be robust.The goals for...

Graphical Piano – “My Piano” – C++

MyPiano 3.0 is a simple piano developed in C++ using graphics functions. By using this piano,user can play, record music etc. This is the third version of MyPiano source code.

Multiplication of Matrices

A program to find the multiplication of the given matrices [sourcecode=c]/******************************************************* * MYCPLUS Sample Code – https://www.mycplus.com * * * * This code is made available as a service to our * * visitors and is provided...

Defensive Programming Techniques

This source code is from Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition, Volume 2, by Bruce Eckel & Chuck Allison. You can use Borland, G++ (For version 3 and above only), Microsoft (For C++ with .NET only) to compile and build this source code. Writing perfect software may be a daunting task for developers, but a few defensive techniques which are routinely applied can go a long way toward narrowing the gap between code and ideal. Defensive programming practices are often used where high availability of the application is required, safety if utmost concern, or security is needed for application to work.

C++ Programming Tutorials

The C++ language is a superset of the C language. You could write C++ programs like C programs (a few of the programs in this section of tutorials are like that), or you could take advantage of the object oriented features of C++ to write object oriented programs. The...

TrueCrypt Free Open Source Encryption Software

TrueEncrypt is a free open Source Encryption Software written in C++ programming language. If you haven’t used TrueCrypt before but need to protect confidential information and documents then I can totally propose to use this Free Software. The latest version has the ability to encrypt the whole drive on windows operating system. So without the password (which you set to encrypt the drive), you can not run your windows operating system.

Windows Sockets Programming – WinSock Version 2.0

Today we will discuss some important sockets functions which are almost used in any windows application which uses the sockets. The windows API used for socket programming is called WinSock Windows Sockets (WinSock), a standard network API co-developed by PC network...