This graphical scientific calculator purely written in C programming language. It uses small functions to draw buttons on the screen and perform scientific operations like conversion, logrithm, and other operations. Every operation can be performed using the mouse buttons as well as keyboard. It can perform almost all the functions shown on the screen except few functins which will be implemented in the next version of this calculator code.

Before compilation make sure you change the line 460 ( initgraph(&gdriver, &gmode, “f:\\tc\\bgi”);) to show the actual path of the graphics library on your machine i.e. bgi folder of your turbo C/C++ compiler installation.

Here are the few functions this calculator performs.

  • It performs the conversion from decimal to (Binary, Octal and Hex decimal) values.
  • Calculates Sign, Tangant and Sec, Coses, Cot.
  • Log, Antilog, Exponent, power values.
  • Also it can store numbers in memory, find the square root of any number.

This software is provided by MYCPLSU with the source code, you are free to use this code as you need and change the code.

  Calculator (110.9 KiB, 29,791 hits)

Graphical Scientific Calculator written in C programming language

Graphical Scientific Calculator written in C programming language


  1. Very nice graphical calculator. Specially the butons and when the button is pressed. It really looks good and also thanks alot for making it available.

    Thanks and happy programming.

  2. hi very WOW,beautiful and so nice—- and how about visual (desktop scientific calculator)

    heres my emil: darwinperez4684 at

  3. plz mujhe scientific calculator isi tarah ka chaye me bscs ki student hon project submit karwana hai plz mere id “,,” plz plz plz plz send kardein by tc

  4. Very nice user interface. Worked just like it should have. I am currently going to school for gaming programming under c++.. this worked get in needed a calculator program that works!

    Great job! thank you very much for making this program available. many thanks.

    Have finals in 9 more weeks, think I might just have to make one of these myself.

  5. guyz, you cannot run it because, the coder, Saqib has coded the location of the C++ souce as F: drive. Just change it to your default location that is, for most of them it will be C: drive; Just search for ‘void main’ in C++ IDE , and just a few lines below that youll find the location set as ‘f://tc//bgi’, change the ‘f:’ to wher you have your C++ IDE. That’s all!… Hope this is clear to you guys!

  6. hi
    Iam student of IT sir give me assignment about calulater .
    iam thankful ur prgramme…

    thanks lot for your attention sir,,

    • (Linker Error: Undefined symbol _getmaxx in module CAL.CPP
      Linker Error: Undefined symbol _outtextxy in module CAL.CPP
      Linker Error: Undefined symbol _settextjustify in module CAL.CPP
      Linker Error: Undefined symbol _setcolor in module CAL.CPP)

      buddy can u please guide me wht is the cause of this error and how will i correct it

  7. Hi i just wana know why i am not able to execute any graphic program on my pc. config. is AMD athlon 64bit. and one more thing c ide opens with dos only not through short cut Tc.

  8. could you please any body help me to get the grphics driver(cga.bgi, etc.) , grphics.lib for “c” programing.
    i am using the turboc compiler.

    “I have a general question that if I keep my computer in the standby mode, after that commandprompt or turboc editor … can’t be opened. That there will be nothing on the screen -> black screen”. what is theproblem on my system?

  9. Wow this really great and awsome… nice work! but its not working on my C++ i am using Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and im running windows 7 64bit.. can you send me this code that can conpatible with my system?thank you so much

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