Go Programming Language: AI and Data Science Programming Language for the 20s


30 years ago, python showed up. Be that as it may, it took 20 years to pick up thankfulness from the developers. Quick forward to 2019, it turned into the second most cherished language among developers.

Its development over the past has been enormous, particularly in the course of recent years. Python turned into the AI and data science developers’ go-to language.

Python’s predominance in these fields will positively be immense for the following not many years. Be that as it may, it has got some genuine drawbacks when contrasted with more up to date dialects. This could be a detour for designers of the 20s.

This is the opportune chance to look at the issues of Python and supplanting it with a superior other option. On account of AI advancement and Data Science, our next go-to language might be the Golang.

The major reason for Python’s popularity is that it is easy to learn and its syntax is simple compared to the other languages. Even after learning other languages such as C++ or Java, developers often prefer to stick to python. That’s because there is a python library for almost everything one can ask for. These advantages made python the language of beginners.

Difficulties with Python

Slow execution:

Python is an interpreted language, which causes pythons most concerning issue – slow execution. Execution in python is moderate, slow contrasted with other compiled languages, for example, C++ and Go.

Usage of C/C++:

To conquer pythons slowness libraries, for example, Tensorflow, Numpy and Pandas are halfway written in C or C++. They help to speed up fundamentally. Essentially, python need the assistance of different languages to defeat its concerns.

Global Interpreter Lock (GIL):

Python’s Global Interpreter Lock permits just one thread to execute at a time while improving single-threaded execution. Python’s multithreading doesn’t really have numerous threads running simultaneously. In all actuality, python can’t do genuine multithreading.

Go language is reliable. Why?

Go is an open source programming language that makes it simple to assemble straightforward, reliable and efficient software. Golang or basically “Go” made its previously seemed 10 years prior. It was created at Google as a broadly useful language. It has a few favorable circumstances over python and other programming languages, and that is the reason we’re intrigued. The language execution is fast, it is easy to learn, concurrent and has a growing popularity.

Go suitable for AI research

There’s nothing truly unique about utilizing Go explicitly for AI Research or Data Science.

30 years back, python was not created to construct Machine Learning or Deep Learning Algorithms or to make information perceptions. It is what it is today in the light of the fact the developers and understudies wanted to code in python and the language upheld to create what the developers expected to.

Go means to make programmers more profitable. It has a few focal points contrasted with python. It can without much of a stretch succeed python as the most-adored and most-well known language in forthcoming years.

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