Bank Management Program

Bank Management Software

This is an automated software system written in C programming language for Bank Management which can handle accounts for customers. It uses files to handle the daily transactions, account management and user management. Its not a complete accounting software just like implemented in the banks, but still it can manage the accounts of the customers using the files at back end. It has a nice graphical layout written in C Language.

User can add, edit and delete the customers and manage their accounts. Program can create new bank account, list all the accounts and show information about an individual account.

This performs the following functions:

  1. Create Individual Accounts
  2. Manage existing Accounts
  3. View daily transactions

This software is provided by MYCPLUS for academic purpose with the source code, you are free to use this code as you need and change the code.

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Bank Management System – Accounting Software

Bank Management System – Accounting Software

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