What is Stratagus: Everything About Stratagus Game Engine

Stratagus Game Engine

Stratagus Game Engine

If you are a new Game Developer and want to know what Stratagus Gaming Engine is, then you are at the right place, today we are going to talk about what is Stratagus Gaming engine and what it’s used for, and much more, so let’s begin.

What is Stratagus?

Stratagus is a free and open-source gaming engine that’s used to build real-time video games. It’s a cross-platform Gaming Engine licensed under the GNU GPL-2.0 only. It’s written mostly in C++ and the configuration language for Stratagus is Lua. It included support for playing over the Internet, Local Area Network or computer as an enemy. The engine is made configurable and can be used to create games with a very wide range of special features that users need. If you want to create games using the Stratagus gaming engine, you can easily download it from the link in “Useful Resources” section below.

Development of Stratagus

Stratagus is an open-source gaming engine that’s been developed in C++ and source code is hosted on GitHub. You can also submit bugs, request new features, and observe the progress of different issues. They also have an index of Lua functions and their associated documentation which can be very useful if you want to work on Lua game scripts.


The Stratagus is a 2D gaming engine based on open-source cross-platform libraries such as SDL, Gzip, and others. It’s based on Lua as their primary scripting language, and all of the features are available to the user to mod and personalize according to their liking without changing a single code in the C++ source code.

Animations were created using a png sequence, which was easy to make and didn’t need many rendering resources. It is a highly configurable gaming engine, which is integrated with AI decision systems and evaluates how well those systems perform in different situations.

Many popular games that were developed using the same API that’s provided by Stratatgus are

Battle of Survival
Magnant Game
Wargus – a Warcraft 2 Mod

Features of Stratagus

Some of the useful features of Stratagus are

  • Configurable:

It is a highly configurable engine that can be used to create different real-time games with different features. It is very easy to configure without changing any code in the original C++ source code.

  • Many Games:

There are many playable games that were created using Stratagus and are free to play and share the same API.

  • Modifiable

Stratagus is just simple C++ code. Other game engines based on C++ are easy to modify if you want to add new features to the engine but the only difficulty is that you can’t modify it if you don’t know C/C++ and you don’t want to make any changes to the original source code because it can create some serious problems in the functionality of the engine. But Stratagus has LUA as a configuration language which allows the users to modify and add new features without changing the C++ code.

  • Recordable

The games that were mostly developed using the Stratagus engine are recordable and replayable and are mostly to train the AI systems to better perform tasks such as strategic planning.

TIELTS Integration

Testbed for Integrating and Evaluating Learning Techniques (TIELTS) is a freely available tool that facilitates the integration of decision systems and simulators. It was mainly developed to support the integration of machine learning systems and some complex gaming simulators.

The Stratagus was integrated with the TIELTS system which makes it easier to develop and train any system created using Stratagus. TWikihis integration system can take the role of a human in any game or assist a human player in a game developed using Stratagus. For example, they can play as a complete opponent player and play against u or can assist you in managing different resources or take control of a player’s army and fleet.

It can also advise you in a match, for example, it can advise you about how to attack and how many resources to use in an attack against your enemy by analyzing the enemy’s playing patterns.

Stratagus Customer Reviews

There are many good customer review related to Stratagus Gaming Engine. Some of them are.

“Very good project, I can use stratagus to play warcraft like game in Windows with higher resolution and faster speed.” ~ppttz

“Good engine! Stratagus makes it possible to play an enhanced version of Warcraft II, with better speed control, match replay, intermediate points for unit paths…” ~fabiopasini

You can read more review here.


Stratagus is a gaming engine that you should try if you are new to game development due to its features and easy modification to add more features and create awesome games and AI-based systems. You can easily download it from the link given above; It is a trusted link of GitHub where you can add your complaints, request for new features, and report any issues and progress of different issues.

Useful Resources

Official Website: https://stratagus.com/

GitHub: https://github.com/Wargus/stratagus

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stratagus

Boswar game: https://www.boswars.org/

Commander Stain: http://commanderstalin.sourceforge.net/

Stargus: http://stargus.stratagus.com/

Battle of Mondicor: https://web.archive.org/web/20101225234500/http://mandicor.net/

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