The C++ language is a superset of the C language. You could write C++ programs like C programs (a few of the programs in this section of tutorials are like that), or you could take advantage of the object oriented features of C++ to write object oriented programs.

The programming tutorials focus on different Object Oriented programming concepts. Each of the pillars of object orientation will be discussed in the coming sections, but before we get into the details, we need to answer the question. What does all this object-oriented stuff buy me? By using the object oriented features of C++, in conjunction with Object Oriented Analysis and Design(OOAD), which is a methodology that fully utilizes object orientation, you can have well-packaged, reusable, extensible, and reliable programs and program segments.

“Historically C++ Programming Language was a procedural language, but has been extended with some Object Oriented features.”

In these programming tutorials, generally an object oriented concept is discussed, and source code is provided to demonstrate the concept in C++ programming.

Here is a simple “Hello World” program which is always a starting point for any programming language.

#include <stdio.h>
int main()  {
  std::cout << "Hello, world!\n";