What Makes Houseparty a Safe, Fun Way to Connect in 2021


Distance sometimes keeps us from being able to spend time with the people we love the most. But what if there was a way to see, talk with, play games with, and stay truly connected to those people in a way that actually felt like the real thing? 

Houseparty was designed to be that solution. They built Houseparty to be the first social app that was actually made to reflect your in-person social life. The principles that make Houseparty what it is are the same ones that make it the perfect fun and safe way to stay connected in 2021.

Stay Close, Even When You’re Not Together

Imagine if the only time you caught up with friends and loved ones was with planned, scheduled conversations. No spur-of-the-moment catch ups, no random weeknight hangs. You don’t want to miss out on these organic social experiences just because you can’t all be together in person.

With Houseparty, you don’t have to schedule time to hangout. You’ll be notified when someone in one of your social circles is in the app. Simply jump in, say hi face-to-face, maybe chat for a few minutes, and be on your way. Or get lost in a long conversation you didn’t even plan for. These spontaneous interactions are what make friends and family so awesome, and Houseparty makes it possible even when you’re not together.

Play from 1,000 Miles Away

Everyone’s mourning the weekly game night, but with Houseparty you don’t have to say goodbye. They’ve built some of the most popular party games in the world right into the app, from UNO and Trivia to Ellen’s Heads Up! and some of Houseparty’s own unique creations, such as the popular new game, Chips and Guac.

When you want to turn a hangout into a game night, simply touch the dice icon in the app and open the games menu. Pick your game of choice, and get started. It’s that easy. Be chill, be ultra-competitive— just do you.

Instantly Report Bullying or Inappropriate Behavior

A healthy and happy social life means not having to engage with toxic behavior. Houseparty makes it simple and easy to report bullying or other inappropriate behavior from right inside the app. It’s also easy to remove friends from your circle when necessary. Spend time with people that lift you up, not bring you down.

No Likes, Just Love

Friendship is about social interaction, not social status. They’ve created an app that does away with likes, followers, and other types of digital ‘status symbols.’ Houseparty is about friendship and fun, and it’s a place to get away from the sometimes competitive approach of other social apps that makes them frustrating and even bad for your mental health.

With Houseparty, it’s all love— no likes required.

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