Benefits of Social Media Listening with NetbaseQuid for Brands



Social media listening is for brands that want to supercharge their social media marketing strategy. You can develop a better content strategy and increase engagement to grow your business. By knowing what your customers and competitors are saying, you can start meaningful conversations with your followers.

How Does Social Media Listening Differ from Social Media Monitoring?

When you monitor your social media presence, you look at your analytics and count certain metrics, like engagement, to see if you’re meeting pre-set goals. Listening also collects the same information, uses intelligence to analyze the information and provide insights. Data without information about how you can serve customers better are just vanity metrics.

Why is Listening Important?

Companies don’t want to have a monologue with consumers. Today’s consumers want to engage with brands, not be marketed to with a constant barrage of ads. People want to feel they’re part of a brand, not just a way for the brand to make money. If companies do not listen, they can’t start meaningful conversations consumers want to join.

Benefits of Social Listening for Relevancy

Social media listening helps brands stay relevant. NetbaseQuid, a consumer and market intelligence company, knows consumers often follow current news. The younger generation often is aware of the socioeconomic, environmental and political issues facing us today. Social listening lets brands see how consumers feel about them in these areas by pulling the meaning from their words.

Crisis Management

Social media listening is essential for brands facing a crisis. NetbaseQuid helps brands make fast decisions when an immediate response is essential. The company enables listening from a variety of sources, and then NetbaseQuid’s next generation artificial intelligence provides competitive intel. Brands can decide on their best response based on conversation shifts. The company also shows how the conversation progresses.

Social Listening tools can also help you avoid potential crisis situations by catching comments from unhappy customers or disgruntled employees. Negative comments can escalate quickly on social media, so brands have to jump into conversations quickly.

Understanding Competitors

Social listening also lets you discover what consumers like and dislike about them. You’ll know what features of your brand to emphasize to differentiate your brand from the competition. You can learn how the media portrays your competitors and how you can get more media coverage out of it.

How Social Media Listening Software Helps

Billions of people worldwide use social media; that is a lot of data to sift through. Without high-powered software, it would be impossible to know what people are saying and understand their tone without social listening tools. You’ll not only know what’s happening with brand mentions, you’ll learn why.

NetbaseQuid’s Social Listening Advantage

With NetbaseQuid’s social media listening tool, you can monitor people’s perceptions of your brand in real time. You can join the conversation and track how well your comments go over. You can shape perceptions by accentuating the positive things people are saying to drive brand loyalty.

Consumers are always talking about brands on social media. Are you listening to them?

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