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    Hello all,This site looks fairly new, so I figured it would be a great site to come to and help out. I have been programming in general for over 3 years and in C langauge for about 1 1/2 years. I have been involved with many projects (most spearheaded by myself) some of which include a full fledged multi threading chat protocol/server, a remote desktop manager (RDM), a multi threading httpd, and various other networking utilities. I have also made various programs ranging from simple calculators to bruteforcers and alot of spaces in between. I also have helped out in programming a small hobby operating system written mostly in C with the various asm coding where needed. Some other various programs include:GSF (generic server functions) – This is a header library i created which will help in the coding of a server, whether generic or not, and will take the coding process down and save the user some time. It supports many different connection types (and can be fully customized), an easy to use logging feature, and multi-threading support functions.DNA fingerprint – A program which will analyze a programs syntax and attempt a tentative diagnosis to what type of encryption is used in the file, whether it be a hashing cryptography or other encryption routines like SSL and DES and various others.Immaculate Touch – My next project, it will attempt to be something like cain and able or John the ripper in that it will look at a hashed password file and try to determine the password it is. I have just started it and havent got far along (just started this afternoon)All of my programs main base is windows (usually usable by 98 and above), and some of them have been ported to linux format. I have tried to port all my programs to linux system, but most the time it is superflous. Anyways, I just wanted to tell a little about myself, and to introduce myself to this fine community.

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    Thanks alot Bloodrager for joining mycplus online community. This website is up for the last year and half. We have tried our best to make it a good programming website. But its impossible without the help of people like you who have experience in C/C++ programming and can help others as wel.
    We hope to see you here frequently and participating in discussions , helping out others and making some C/C++ programming codes available to others here.

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    Yeah no problem. ;)
    I think you should advertise more. Start setting up a linking program with other websites and online communitys.
    Some of my C programming stuff can be found at my website, it is mostly my networking stuff (like my spartan server which I finally finished),GSF,and the (probable)beginning of some Device Driver. Also, I am making an Assembler program which I aptly call ORGasm.

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    hi plzzz give me the solution of this question?Write a C++ program that contains a structure named Student

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    1. Ahmer 4.0
    2. Aasim 3.5
    3. Usman 3.4
    4. Maria 2.4
    5. Anila 3.0
    6. Humza 2.6
    7. Junaid 3.0
    8. Talaal 3.8
    9. Haris 3.9
    10. Saira 2.6

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