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      Hi, I’m very new to the forum. I am here looking for sources to learn about Angular 2. is my first topic so I’ll do my best to provide excellent material.
      if you already have experience in Angular but haven’t tried Angular 2 yet, check this out. It’s an awesome guide that will teach you how to use filters and finally make AJAX calls in Angular.

      Angular 1.x we can transform requests globally in the application’s config.

      .config(function($httpProvider) {
      $httpProvider.defaults.transformRequest = function(data) {
      return JSON.stringify({name:”Ryan”});

      Angular 2, we would extend the base request optiond
      class MyOptions extends BaseRequestOptions{
      body: string = JSON.stringify({name: “Ryan”});
      bootstrap(App, [HTTP_PROVIDERS, provide(RequestOptions, {useClass:MyOptions})]); – $http in Angular 1.x and Http in Angular 2. – working with pipes – domain models and dependency injection

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