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It’s time for a small update.

For the full media release click here

TA onofficial youtube movie

Our modelers and artists have been racking up libraries worth of assets in recent months

Fusion:Electricity Substation

Fusion:Train Bridge

A few things going on :

all 1st person weapon models are done
working towards stripping our weapons to provide additional 3rd person and pickup model versions.
started to skin and rig the 1st person player arms for animating, which will then lead us on to animating all the weapons… a slow and tedious task, but one that is critical!

On our next update we hope to show you more media, some in-game map screenshots and further news on our animations, character models.. and oh yea.. our teaser trailer as well which is still being developed!!

Sprinter Van

Merc Female Concept

For your info, we reached #2 on moddb last week from 1,649 mods/games which we feel is a testament to our fans!
If you haven’t already, please drop by and get “following” and rack up the support even more so

Plz visit our Forums to provide us with your feedback.