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Windchaser - Shark 3D Game Engine

Shark 3-D is a versatile software program and game engine launched by Spinor to create interactive virtual 3D worlds. This game engine uses Python and C++ programming languages for its development. This incredible software program is used for the development of Video Games and the creation of films, broadcasting graphics, animated series, and 3D industry applications.

Shark 3D exclusively syndicates the possibilities that real-time service architectures, cloud computing, movie production, containerization, game engine technologies, web technologies, and high-performance streaming offers.

The climax of this exciting game engine is that it is designed from the bottom up for agility and flexibility.
The top-notch companies using Shark 3D for different purposes are ARD/ZDF/Pro 7/Disney Junior, Funcom, Marc Weigert, Ravensburger Digital, and Siemens. In 2012, Shark 3D was the second most-used real-time 3D engine in Europe after Unity.

Highlighted Features of Shark 3D:

It comprises of:

  • A tool pipeline. Assets such as textures, meshes, and basic animations are imported from 3rd party tools like 3Ds Maya or Max and not created using Shark 3D.
  • Authoring editor: The authoring editor is the core of Shark 3D supporting prefabs and templates to reuse entities. Prefabs and Templates are flexible enough to be nested to any level. Furthermore, the authoring editor can edit them live. It allows developing objects or complex scenes with integrated behaviors (such as complex camera systems or NPCs flexibly created on simple building blocks).
  • Physics engine: For high-performance scientific simulation Shark 3D has incorporated a physics engine. This physics engine provides an approximate simulation of specific physical systems, such as soft body dynamics, rigid body dynamics (such as collision detection), as well as fluid dynamics.
  • Cross-platform Availability: Shark 3D provides support for various target platforms such as Linux and Windows based PC applications, consoles (PS2, Xbox 360) and mobile devices.
  • Real-time Focus: The software entirely focuses on real-time. All the shadowing and soft lighting in the Shark 3D renderer is fully real-time, which is a great plus point for this fantastic game engine. There are many other leading game development software that does not use a completely real-time approach.
    • Some of them are Autodesk Maya which are mainly non-realtime or various other game engines like the Unreal Engine or Unity engine that uses a hybrid approach of precalculated lighting and real-time.
  • Modularity: One of the most exciting and good news for the users of Shark 3D is that it is highly modular and can be customized or extended on all layers.
  • Renderers Support: Shark 3D supports the following renderers, i.e., Direct 3D, OpenGL, Hardware Consoles, and other backends.
  • Physics-based track editing and recording, replay
  • Sound system
  • Shader editor
  • Renderer (live as well as render-to-file)
  • Scripting

Games developed in Shark 3D


This is a story driven RTS (real-time strategy) game that set in an exclusive fantasy world, the breezy grasslands of Ensai and its neighboring provinces.


Dreamfall: the longest Journey

Dreamfall is the upshot to “The Longest Journey” and it is a third-person voyage game along with various action episodes

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So, here the topic is concluded. If you want to explore more about Shark 3D, go get hands on with it for a unique 3D world gaming experience. As I always say at the end of every post that your feedback is very valuable and always boost me to bring more improved and exciting posts for you.

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