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ArmA 2 - Operation Arrowhead

Real Virtuality is the engine behind all Bohemia Interactive Studio (BIS) games, it was previously known as “Poseidon”. Real Virtuality is one of the leading game engines developed in C++ and develops Windows and Xbox platforms. One of the most interesting facts about the Real Virtuality gaming engine is licensed for use in the software for military training such as VBS1, VBS2 as well as VBS3 by Bohemia.

The famous ArmA Series are developed using the Real Virtuality game engine. This is the game engine that had been in constant development for over more than a decade. Bohemia Interactive Studio claims that by opening up their games to the users, they provide a platform for users to explore – to create – to connect.

BIS has built up a diverse collection of products that includes the popular DayZ®, Arma® series, Vigor® as well as, Ylands®, and various other proprietary software.

This game engine is responsible for handling the scripting, graphics, physics, as well as the user interface.

ArmA series is one of the most diverse, authentic, as well as open military game series of Bohemia Interactive. It is a mixture of combined arms warfare, massive sandbox terrains, and simulation gameplay. Furthermore, it provides the option for content creation that is unparalleled and makes the ArmA series one of a kind, with over 7-million items sold on the platform.


  • Authentic simulation
  • Massive open world
  • Single and multiplayer
  • Combined arms warfare
  • Content creation

The Real Virtuality engine has different versions as follows:

  • Real Virtuality 1
  • Real Virtuality 2
  • Real Virtuality 3
  • Real Virtuality 4

Real Virtuality 1

The games developed using Real Virtuality 1 version are as:

Operation Flashpoint

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) is the world famous series of games, it started with the Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis in 2001, produced by Bohemia Interactive whereas published by Codemasters.

Key Features

  • Tactics, Stealth, or all-out assault – It bring liberty to Campaign, it has Single Mission mode or multiplay mode
  • More than 30 vehicles to fly or drive – From M1A1 Abrams tank to AH1 Cobra Helicopter each one is visually accurate to its original specifications
  • Squad command – You are allowed to take the command of the squad or you can just cover yourself only. Staying alive is the key…!!
  • Your own addons – You can easily create your own content such as, vehicles, weapons, as well as missions
  • Your own strategic challenges – for single or multiplay with the easy-to-use Mission Editor – limited to your imagination

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance is a prologue to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, developed by BIS whereas published by the same Codemasters in 2002.

Real Virtuality 2

The games developed using Real Virtuality 2 version are as follows:

Operation Flashpoint: Elite

Operation Flashpoint: Elite was released in 2005 on XBox. A successor to the computer system version, the immense content and depth of the original game persists and contains both the initial Cold War Crisis campaign alongside the Resistance campaign for solo player action.

“XBox Live” and “System Link” include over 50 multiplayer missions.

ArmA: Armed Assault

ArmA: Armed Assault is also launched by the developers of the world famous and above-mentioned Operation Flashpoint. It is a first individual strategic military shooter along with large elements of simulation  and realism.

Key Features

  • Large elements of simulation and realism
  • Strategic military shooter
  • Huge troops possible
  • Swimming is now available
  • Bullet deflection
  • Destructible environments
  • Dynamically simulated night sky such as star constellations, moon phases

Real Virtuality 3

The games developed using Real Virtuality 3 version are as follows:

Arma 2

Arma 2 is anotherfamous game from ArmA series. It is a military simulation game for PC DVD-ROM and digital launched by Bohemia Interactive studios. 

ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead

ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead set into a very versatile, visually attractive surroundings of hilly central Asia. It provides a very realistic combat simulation experience with unparalleled freedom of actions, movement, and tactics.

Key Features

  • New playable content – It provides a new story campaign for both Solo Player and Multi Player gameplace. It also has wide range of single user scenarios, multiplayer modes and new tutorials.
  • Supreme war-experience – Arma2: Operation Arrowhead is fully integrated with the original Arma 2 for supreme warfare simulations.
  • Enormous game world – Three versatile and new Central Asian-style large maps are incorporated that includes expansive desert, urban, as well as mountainous terrain containing a fully interactive and destructible environment.
  • Additional vehicles and units – Numerous cliques for all sides including United Nations, Takistani, US Army as well as Guerrillas making a commulative of 300+ new units, vehicles and weapons.
  • Unique kind of gameplace elements – It consists of many versatile and unique kind of gameplace features that includes: advanced weapon optics, Detachable backpacks with equipment, remote realtime simulation of UAVs (Unmanned Arial Vehicles), material penetration modelling, repercussive actions and freedom of decision.
  • Mission editor – You are provided with the feature of designing your own missions by easy-to-use, intuitive mission editor and allowing you to become the member of one of the most creative and largest PC gaming community ever.
  • Extensive multiplayer – you can play the campaign missions in both co-operative mode or have the liberty to join duty in the huge multiplayer battles with up to 50 players.
  • Game modification – now you can create your own customized game content with comprehensive editing tools suite i.e freeware SDK kit, as well as modify the game in a number of ways where the sole limitation is your personal imagination.
  • Cheat protection – One of the excellent feature of this game is optional anti-cheat BattlEye which is available to assist in securing dedicated servers.

Take On Helicopters

This brand new helicopter game is launched by the independent developers Bohemia Interactive Studios – who are also the creators of the award-winning mil-sim  Arma 2 series. Take On Helicopters submerges players within authentic flight dynamics and rich expansive landscapes.

Key Features

  • Highly reliable  flight dynamics modelling
  • Detailed and Expansive environments
  • Richly modeled helicopters and cockpits
  • Multiplayer – competitive and co-op scenarios
  • Intuitive and powerful mission editor

Real Virtuality 4

The games developed using Real Virtuality 4 version are as follows:

Arma 3

Arma 3 a wide variety of solo as well as multiplayer content, upto 40 weapons and 20 vehicles, and unlimited opportunities for content creators, this is the premier military game for PC. It is diverse, open, authentic- Arma 3 sends you to new war experience.

Key Features

  • Stratis and Altis – richly detailed, open-world battlefield to defeat your enemy on – expanded over 290 square km of Mediterranean island terrain.
  • Weapons & Vehicles – more than 20 vehicles to drive and pilot, customizable loadouts, over 40 weapons to choose from, with short- and long-distance attachments, and a wide variety of gear to suit your requirements on the battle ground. Along with a enormous arsenal at your disposal, Arma III takes you into a world of strategic opportunities.
  • Single player and Multiplayer

Submerge yourself in Arma 3’s varied gameplay by finishing the focused showcase states. Run over the competitive firing drills to improve your movement and shooting skills, and finish your drill by signing up to Arma III Boot-camp,  that features Single Player and Multi Player tutorials, and a separate dedicated VR practice environment.

Furthermore, you can also fight online in the enormous military sandbox which is Arma III. You can make a squad or team up against your enemies in the official Defend as well as Seize multiplayer scenarios.

Content Creation

By using Arma 3’s powerful modding tools and intuitive scenario editor you can create your own experiences. It allows you to enjoy a platform filled with user created content, that ranges from custom weapons as well as vehicles, to intense single player scenarios and completely new multi-player game modes.

Revamped Engine

Navigate the battle-ground with fluid new animation features; feel the overwhelming power of battle with the advanced sound engine, new hostage simulation as well as PhysX™-supported vehicles. 

Some other famous games developed using Real Virtuality are as follows:

  • ARMA Mobile Ops in 2016
  • Take on MARS in 2017
  • Mini DayZ in 2017
  • Argo in 2017
  • DayZ in 2018
  • Vigor in 2019
  • Ylands in 2019

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