Clausewitz – Game Engine Written in C++

Imperator Rome - Game

Imperator Rome - Game

Paradox Development Studio, a Swedish video game developer company, built two fundamental restrictive game engines for their major games known as Europa and Clausewitz. Both were likewise intended to be available to any individual who wishes to manipulate the original game files to make mods.

In 2007, the Clausewitz engine was introduced in Europa Universalis III, leading the game title of the company. Named after the Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz, the new engine focuses on a 3D view of part of the world map. The first game developed in Clausewitz was Sengoku, was released in 2011.

The Clausewitz engine is developed in C++ and being used by developers to build grand strategy-oriented city builder games. Grand strategy games are historical strategy games that include the entire world map where the player is free to customize and built anything which the game offers. These types of games mostly include elements such as economy, diplomacy, and warfare.

Further Specifications

  • Inclusion of proper tools for modding
  • Variety of features for designers to create art and build the stage without the knowledge of coding.
  • Ability to create custom UI without editing any code in the game
  • Remodeled GUI system
  • Visual enhancements of 3D graphics
  • The graphics rendering system using DirectX 11. So the games are displayed in more advance graphics with less effort.
  • FMOD tool for the sound dealing operations. It is a jukebox where the developer can play the sound of music by a line of the script.

Games developed using Clausewitz

Europa Universalis III is a grand strategy game developed by Paradox studio using Clausewitz engine. The game was initially released for windows but later on, with the help of virtual programming, it was finally released for OS X.

Other major titles that were made using this engine are:

Imperator Rome – Game
Stellaris Game
Victoria-II Game
Hearts of Iron IV

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