Chrome Engine: Its History and Games Developed using this Engine

Dying Light

Chrome Engine is a 3D Game Engine that is developed by Techland using the C++ Language. The Latest and Current version of chrome engine is Chrome Engine 6. Currently, it supports Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Playstations, and Xbox. According to Creators, Chrome Engine provides substantial control while developing a new game. You can also check out Toy Game Engine and Dunia Engine which were also developed using C++ Language.

Chrome Engine: History

The Chrome Engine has been around for almost 10 years and has evolved and improved dramatically. The Company that developed the Chrome Engine, Techland, was founded by Paweł Marchewka in 1991, and they were Initially focused on translating different programs and publishing them in Polish Market. In 1993, they started developing their own software like books, Dictionaries, and Games.

Chrome Engine 1

The Chrome Engine was 1st Released in 2003 as Chrome Engine 1. The Chrome Engine was written in C++ and Provided substantial control while developing game levels.

Chrome Engine 2

Chrome Engine 2 was an improved version of chrome engine 1 with support for DirectX 9.0.

Chrome Engine 3

This engine underwent many modifications and improvements like DirectX 10 support, HDR, shaders, and bump mapping.

Chrome Engine 4

Chrome Engine 4 was introduced with Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and only Supported DirectX 9.

Chrome Engine 5

This version of the Chrome engine was used between 2011- 2013. This version was first debuted with Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and Dead island

Chrome Engine 6

Chrome Engine 6 is entirely developed by Techland, and it’s a complete game development framework for platforms like PC and consoles. It supports all current game programming tools and methods that are essential to the game development process. With the development of Chrome Engine, the goal was to build a robust game engine with all the tools needed to produce commercial AAA games, featuring advanced visuals, scripting and physics systems, integrated networking, and artificial intelligence. The key objective was to maintain the engine’s efficiency and usability so that users could configure its parameters with a single mouse click.

Developer Statements

In an article, The developers of the Chrome Engine said that this engine is “What You See Is What You Get”. They also said something about modders that 

“Modders were a massive part of our gaming community since Call of Juarez 2 and Dead Island—and we wish to continue that with Dying Light,” in a review, they also said that “This invitation is only the first stage of our cooperation with the gaming community. After the modding tools are released, we plan to actively support the coolest mods created by players.”

How To Get Chrome Engine 6

In our research for this article, we read somewhere that you can only get the Chrome engine if you get an invite from the developer. If you want the engine for commercial purposes then you have to personally email the techland with your company info and the purpose you want the engine for. Only then may they give you a license to use it and there is no other way to get the license.

Games Developed using the Chrome Engine

Many games were developed using the chrome engine, some of them are

Dying Light

Dying Light is a 2015 zombie survival horror game created by Techland and released by Warner Bros. The plot of the game centers on an undercover agent named Kyle Crane who’s tasked with penetrating a quarantine zone in the city of Harran in the Middle East. It has an open-world city overrun by zombies and has a dynamic day-night sequence where zombies are slow during the day but quite aggressive at night. The gameplay focuses on parkour and weapons-based fighting, giving players the option to either fight or escape danger.


Hellraid was originally going to be a mod for Dead Island, which was also developed by Techland. The game was first revealed in a press release on April 29, 2013. The press release stated that the game would be released in 2013. In May 2014, Company delayed it to allow it to be rebuilt on Techland’s latest version of their engine, Chrome Engine 6.

Hellraid’s development was again placed on hold by Techland in May 2015 after the company said that the game had failed to live up to their expectations. Techland chose to concentrate on broadening the environment of Dying Light, which was also created by Techland and launched in January 2015. Later, A DLC pack, inspired by Hellraid, the “Dying Light: Hellraid”, was released for the video game Dying Light by Techland in July 2020.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a 2022 zombie survival horror game developed and released by Techland.  It’s a follow-up to Dying Light (2015) that was made available on February 4, 2022, for Xbox One, Windows, PlayStations 4, and PlayStations 5.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is an open-world game that features a zombie apocalyptic theme. It takes place 22 years after Dying Light and features Aiden Caldwell, a new protagonist who possesses a variety of parkour abilities and is voiced by Jonah Scott. Over 3000 parkour animations have been confirmed to provide a smooth and lag-free experience.

The majority of combat in the game involves melee weapons having a limited lifespan and will degrade as the player uses them. The player can also enhance his weapon by disassembling other weapons to craft pieces and generating different blueprints and components to reinforce it.

The game is set in the city of Villedor, a vast urban open world located in Europe and four times larger than the original game dying light. It is divided into seven separate regions, each of which has a unique set of sights and locations. Players can scavenge for materials and scraps while exploring the city to make new tools and weapons.

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