5 Best Books to learn a new Programming Language

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The demand for coding and programming jobs is only increasing on daily basis. As National Coding Week came to a close a few days ago, Education Technology reminds us that 90% of all jobs will require digital skills—including coding and programming—in the next two decades. This is good news for programmers with prior knowledge and experience of coding, as your careers are secured. However, it won’t hurt to expand your skill set and understanding of other programming languages to open yourself to new opportunities. With that said, here are a few books that can help:

Effective Java

Effective Java is nicknamed the “Bible of Java programming” because it explains what to do and what not to do when it comes to Java. In addition, it also explains why you should do or avoid a particular practice, allowing a deeper understanding of the language. The author of this book is none other than Joshua Bloch, the software engineer who is known for being a former Google employee. He’s also famous for leading the design and implementation of Java platform features, establishing his expertise in this language. With this book, you’ll learn to understand Java from a reliable expert.

Let Us Python

Python continues to be a versatile and in-demand programming language—even in 2022. It is applicable to various software development fields, like data science, AI, and web development. Given this, Let Us Python by computer science author Yashavant Kanetkar can help you get a good grasp of Python with your prior knowledge of other languages as a starting point. What’s great about this book is that it provides in-depth explanations of complex topics and emphasizes problem-solving. As such, you’ll not only learn Python but also be able to tackle any trouble you encounter.

Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++

At present, C++ has lost its popularity. Our post ‘Is C++ still a good language to learn for 2022?’ confirms that despite this, it’s a language worth learning due to its various uses. Like video game development, operating systems, and cloud product creation. Written by the inventor of C++ himself, Bjarne Stroustrup’s Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ is the most suitable book for beginners in this language. The way Stroustrup wrote the book and explained terms and concepts makes it easy for interested readers to comprehend the language and write programs immediately.

TypeScript for Beginners

TypeScript has risen in popularity because it is designed to develop large-scale JavaScript projects. If you’re looking to learn this language, TypeScript for Beginners by writer and developer Sufyan bin Uzayr will be incredibly helpful—especially if you have prior JavaScript experience. It focuses on TypeScript programming with much detail by introducing you to different concepts, architecture, and components. Overall, it serves as a great introduction to the language.

Eloquent Ruby

Russ Olsen’s Eloquent Ruby assists its readers with thinking in Ruby. This means writing elegant Ruby code that solves problems, aside from simply understanding the language. The book is written in a humorous and engaging way that makes it easier for you to digest information. It starts with the basics of Ruby, but along the way, it explains how and why you should use this information when it comes to the language. With Eloquent Ruby, you’ll learn a new programming language in a fun way.

As an in-demand career, you must expand your knowledge, skill set, and experience as a programmer to keep up with the times. Learning a new language will secure your future in programming and open you to many career opportunities.

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