Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step

Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step

Microsoft Visual C# 2013 Step by Step teaches the fundamentals of Microsoft Visual C# using Visual Studio 2017. This is a step by step guide to anyone having previous experience in programming but new to C# Programming.

The topics covered in this book are:

  • Use Visual Studio 2017 to create C# programs and applications
  • Understand basics of C#
  • Object Oriented Programming with C#
  • Handle Exceptions in your code
  • Master the C# object model
  • User Input handling and Touch Display handling
  • Events Handling in C#
  • Develop cloud-connected applications

About Author

John Sharp is a principal technologist at Content Master, part of CM Group Ltd, a technical authoring and consulting company. John has experience in a wide range of technologies, from database systems and UNIX through to C, C++ and C# applications for the .NET Framework, together with Java and JavaScript development. He has authored several books for Microsoft Press, including six editions of C# Step By Step, two editions of Windows Communication Foundation Step By Step, and the J# Core Reference.

Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step

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