JavaScript – The Definitive Guide

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

Since the earliest days of the Internet, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide has been the ultimate source for JavaScript developers. This book is a complete tutorial and extensive reference to the core language and the client-side JavaScript APIs defined by web browsers such as jQuery.

David Flanagan’s approach to explaining the theory and practical examples suits the typical JavaScript programmer’s requirements nicely. The 6th edition covers HTML5 and ECMAScript 5, while he seventh edition is fully updated to cover the 2020 version of JavaScript, and new chapters cover classes, modules, iterators, generators, Promises, async/await, and metaprogramming. Multiple chapters have been thoroughly revised and re-written to bring them in line with today’s best web development practices. David discusses jQuery and server-side JavaScript extensively in the new chapters added to this book. This book is highly recommended for experienced programmers who want to learn the JavaScript language and optimize the performance of JavaScript code. This book is also for current JavaScript programmers who want to master it.

Overall, with 4.5 ratings out of 475 real reviews by users at Amazon and sold over half a million copies, David’s book is generally recommended by StackOverflow’s community. There are over 125 JavaScript examples including empty JavaScript object {} which can be downloaded from Github website.

About the Author

David Flanagan is a computer programmer who has spent much of the last 20 years writing books about programming languages. He now works at Mozilla. David lives with his wife and children in the Pacific Northwest, between the cities of Seattle and Vancouver.

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