Newton’s Telecom Dictionary

Newton’s Telecom Dictionary helps technology and business professionals stay on top of the ever-changing network, telecom, and IT industry. Businesses are adopting new telecom and communications services and equipment that save money and improve efficiency; meanwhile, professionals are struggling to keep up with newly created technical terms and acronyms. Industry guru Harry Newton explains these concepts in nontechnical language that anyone in business can understand, making this an essential reference tool for anyone involved with telecom and IT systems

John Downing from San Diego, CA USA says:

I’ve been buying Netwon’s Telecom Dictionary since it first came out many years ago. This reference text is the gold standard for professionals in the Voice and Data industries. If you work in IT or telephony, I srongly recommend you keep an up to date copy close at hand.

Whenever I can, I try to give copies of Newton’s Telecom Dictionary away to students in my classes. All of them tell me it’s the best part of attending my class!

In reviewing the latest edition, I found numerous new definitions and all sorts of outstanding updates to older items. Once again, you simply cannot go wrong buying this book!

Buy Newton’s Telecom Dictionary: Covering Telecommunications, Networking, Information Technology, the Internet, the Web, Computing, Wireless, and Fiber

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