Category: ASP

ASP Program to validate email address

This is a simple ASP Program to validate email address. The IsValidEmail() function checks for a valid email and returns true if the email address is a valid email otherwise it returns false if the email address isn’t...

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Capitalize the first letter

This is a very simple ASP function that will capitalise the first letter of the input string. Some time user do enters his/her name as with out capatalising first letter of the name. So this function can take care of whether a...

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Random number within a range

This is a small ASP function that will return a random number between two numbers. It will takes two numbers (maximum & minimum) numbers and generate a random number within that range. It will geenrate a random number every...

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Block a Specified IP address in ASP

This is a very simple programme that demonstrate how to block specified IP addresses from accessing the website or webpages. In this code I used array to store the IP adresses but database can also be used to store the IP...

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