PC Magazine Guide to Home Networking

Networking--it's not just for the office any more. Here's how to get all your electronic devices on the same team Ready to plunge into creating your own home network? You couldn't ask for a better guide through the networking maze than PC Magazine contributing editor...

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Networking for Dummies, Sixth Edition

Once you hook up your PC to a network, it's not a personal computer anymore. You are now part of a network of computers. You don?t need to have a PhD to understand the benefits of networking. In fact, you learned everything you need to know in kindergarten: Networks...

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Teach Yourself Beginner’s Hindi Script

Now learning non-Roman-alphabet languages is as easy as A-B-C! Readers wanting to learn the basics of reading and writing a new language that employs script will find all they need in the Teach Yourself Beginner's Script series. Each book includes a step-by-step...

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