Direct X and its Components

One of the main purposes of DirectX is to provide a standard way of accessing many different proprietary hardware devices. DirectX is comprised of application programming interfaces (APIs) that are grouped into two classes: The DirectX Foundation layer and The DirectX Media layer. These APIs enable programs to directly access many of your computer”s hardware devices.

Website Upgraded to new CMS

For the past few days you might have faced problems in accessing the website. It’s due to because we were upgrading the website to the latest CMS Version. So now the website and forums have been upgraded to the new CMS. We will appreciate your comments and...

GPS vehicle tracking systems

Few days before I was browsing through an interesting website about vehicle tracking systems “FleetMatics”, it recalled my memory about a job which I did in the past. I worked as a part time software engineer during 2005-2006 at a company in my home country which...

C Program to create Turbo C compiler UI

This is a small C program that demonstrates Turbo C Compiler User Interface. This is done by using graphics library in C. This C program uses line()  function to draw the lines and setcolor()  function to change the colors of different items. The function ...

Profit/Loss Calculator

This is a small utility written in C Programming Language to calculate the net income by checking a person’s salary and monthly expenses. On the basis of this information it calculates the loss or profit. It has a nice graphical User Interface with different formats to show the information i.e. Pie Chart: Shows the information in Pie chart with different colors for salary, expenses and net income. Tabular: Show all the information in tabular form. Bar Graph: Shows the information in Bar Graph with different colors for salary, expenses and net income.

Text editor

This program is written in pure C programming language. The interface of the C program is just like Turbo C/C++ compiler like interface, and it also provides some dialog boxes same like the Turbo C/C++ compiler. It has menus just like C/C++ compiler, text formatting options and also provides options to change font color.

Search Engine Marketing

There are a lot of things involved with search engine marketing. It is not hard to learn the skills & techniques in Search Engine Marketing. And once well-read, search engine marketing can provide a successful technique of driving highly targeted visitors to your web site or blog.

Web Hosting Choice

Web Hosting Choice Finding a good web host is quite a hectic job these days as there are millions of web hosting companies around the world. Most web hosting companies offer wide verities of products and services. Web hosting choice can be your first stop towards...