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An Introduction to C++

The ACM Student Magazine has a series of courses to teach C++ and java called “Objective Viewpoint”.

The tutorials touch on many aspects of object-orientation. The word object has surfaced in more ways than you can count. There are OOPLs (Object-Oriented Programming Languages) and OODBs (Object-Oriented Databases), OOA (object-oriented analysis), and OOD (object-oriented design). We are sure you can come up with some OOisms of your own.

The goal of these columns is to explore object-orientation through practical object-oriented programming. This time, we look at C++, but in the future we will explore other areas of object-orientation. Learning an object-oriented language-a whole new way of programming-will pave the way for many exciting topics down the road.

The C++ course covers the following topics.

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