Great Librarian 2.00.1

This is a C programming code by which a librarian can operate his library more fast. Students details can be added, updated and can issue multiple books. Progam shows different information about library including numbers of books and students. Books can also be added and updated. Books can be added along with title, author and quantity and special code for book. Librarian can also view each book and multiple books.

Here is a screen shot of the book which shows main interface of the library.

  Great Librarian (34.0 KiB, 13,624 hits)

C program to simulate a real library

C program to simulate a real library


  1. really great.. this is exactly what i am looking for… for our final project… fantastic! who creates this by the way???
    he/she is brilliant

  2. this is great! thanks for the easy access to the code…. this is of great help to me, a neophyte in the programing world.

  3. Hello Sir,
    I m a first year student and i want to create this library management system in dev c++ complier but in c programing language.
    But, the above does not work… I would be heartily greatful to you if you tell the modifications, i should do so that it works definitely…

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