Factorial of a Number

This program calculates the the factorial of an integer number entered by the user. The function uses for loop to calculate the factorial and returns the number. Program terminates if a non integer number is entered. This C language program uses for loop in just a single statement to calculates the factorial of integer number.

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int fact(int n);

int main(void) {
  int current;

  printf("Enter a positive integer [to terminate enter non-positive] > ");
  scanf("%d", &t);
  while (current > 0) {
    printf("The factorial of %d is %d\n", current, fact(current));
    printf("Enter a positive integer [to terminate enter non-positive] > ");
    scanf("%d", &t);

/* n is a positive integer. The function returns its factorial */
int fact(int n) {
  int lcv;    /* loop control variable */
  int p;      /* set to the product of the first lcv positive integers */

  for(p=1, lcv=2; lcv <= n; p=p*lcv, lcv++);
  return p;


  1. please see the program ….

  2. #include


    void main()


    int f=1,i,num;


    printf(“Enter the value”);




    printf("factorial of %d is %d",f);



  3. Write a C++ program to save any read number from the keyboard in another number reversed.
    Order( The number could be of any length)
    You should create another integer number and save the number in reversed order inside.
    Define the new number , power=0
    Use a loop and use the operation % and /
    Let the new number (X)
    X=X + the digit * 10 ^ power
    Let power = power + 1
    Return to (1)
    Print the new number

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