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Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java

Provides a proven approach to algorithms & data structures using the exciting Java programming language as the implementation tool. With Java, the author highlights conceptual topics, focusing on ADTs and the analysis of algorithms for efficiency as well as performance & running time. DLC: Java (Computer program language). From the Back Cover Mark Allen Weiss […]

JavaScript – The Definitive Guide

Since the earliest days of Internet scripting, Web developers have considered JavaScript: The Definitive Guide an essential resource. David Flanagan’s approach, which combines tutorials and examples with easy-to-use syntax guides and object references, suits the typical programmer’s requirements nicely. The brand-new fourth edition of Flanagan’s “Rhino Book” includes coverage of JavaScript 1.5, JScript 5.5, ECMAScript […]

Check URL

This script is particularly useful for those who have their site on a free webspace provider, then use a “come.to” redirecting service. What this script will do is analyze the URL the visitor is at, and if they did not came to your site via the redirecting URL, it can print out a message telling […]

Clock Type

This is a really neat little script that can display the current time in “Military Time” or “12 Hour Time” with the push of a button. Give it a try, it’s neat! /******************************************************* * MYCPLUS Sample Code – http://www.mycplus.com * * * * This code is made available as a service to our * * […]

Expert C# Business Objects

This book is a translation of Lhotka?s industry-standard title, Visual Basic.NET Business Objects, into the language of C#. Rockford Lhotka?s ideas continue to be extremely influential in all programmer circles of any language, but most naturally it will be C# developers over the next couple of years at least who will most likely be involved […]

Date and Time Stamp

With this script, you can have the date and time the page was loaded ‘stamped’ to the page. This would make a wonderful header or footer for any web page. /******************************************************* * MYCPLUS Sample Code – http://www.mycplus.com * * * * This code is made available as a service to our * * visitors and […]

The C# Programming Language

“Based on my own experience, I can safely say that every .NET developer who reads this will have at least one ‘aha’ moment and will be a better developer for it.” –From the Foreword by Don Box The popular C# programming language combines the high productivity of rapid application development languages with the raw power […]

C Programming Language (2nd Edition)

Just about every C programmer I respect learned C from this book. Unlike many of the 1,000 page doorstops stuffed with CD-ROMs that have become popular, this volume is concise and powerful (if somewhat dangerous) — like C itself. And it was written by Kernighan himself. Need we say more? Ingram Presents a complete guide […]