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Binary Trees

A binary tree is made of nodes, where each node contains a “left” pointer, a “right” pointer, and a data element. The “root” pointer points to the topmost node in the tree. The left and right pointers recursively point to smaller “subtrees” on either side. Stanford CS Education Library: introduces the basic concepts of binary […]

Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs

This exceptionally useful text offers Scott Myers’s expertise in C++ class design and programming tips. The second edition incorporates recent advances to C++ included in the ISO standard, including namespaces and built-in template classes, and is required reading for any working C++ developer. The book opens with some hints for porting code from C to […]

256-Color VGA Programming in C

David Brackeen has a very good tutorial on VGA graphics programming for DOS in C programming. The tutorial is a five part C programming tutorial which covers VGA basics, Primitive Shapes & Lines, Bitmaps & Palette Manipulation, Mouse Support & Animation and Double Buffering, Page Flipping, & Unchained Mode. This tutorial covers many topics in […]

C Programming Tips by Philip Guo

Philips Guo at Stranford University has useful collection of C programming lessons which may be quite useful if you are new to C programming. Guo starts by answering the simple question of why someone should start programming in C language. This is the first question you should ask yourself before sitting down to start a […]

Ivor Horton’s Beginning Visual C++ 2008

This is one of the all-time bestselling books on the C++ language by Ivor Horton. The book teaches you both the standard C++ language and C++/CLI as well as Visual C++ 2008. Thoroughly updated for the 2008 release, this book shows you how to build real-world applications using Visual C++ and guides you through the […]

C For Engineers & Scientists, An Interpretive Approach with Companion CD

C for Engineers and Scientists is designed to teach students how to solve engineering and science problems using C. This is a complete and comprehensive introduction to computer programming in C language, with introductions to object oriented programming in C++, and graphical plotting and numerical computing in C/C++ interpreter Ch and MATLAB for applications in […]

Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK

Are you a programmer and looking for a challenge to write iPhone applications? If so, this book is for you. The book assumes a minimal working knowledge of Objective-C, and written in a friendly way. The book is quite easy to follow for beginners who want to develop applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. The […]

Learn C on the Mac

Author Dave Mark starts out this handy book “Learn C on the Mac” with the basics of C programming and takes through a complete course in programming C using Apple’s free Xcode tools. This book is a perfect guide for beginners learning to program in C on Mac OS. It also includes all new Mac […]

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