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8Queen with simple graphics

This is a simple C language program that will locate 8 queen in chess board with all of the states and you can determine the position of first queen on the chess board. /******************************************************* * MYCPLUS Sample Code – http://www.mycplus.com * * * * This code is made available as a service to our * […]

Browser Information

This script does a great job of displaying information about your web browser including version, your computer’s platform, if Java is enabled, how many pages you’ve visited, and screen resolution. Take a look, it’s pretty cool. /******************************************************* * MYCPLUS Sample Code – http://www.mycplus.com * * * * This code is made available as a service […]

The C++ Programming Language (Special 3rd Edition)

In this brand-new third edition of The C++ Programming Language, author Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, presents the full specification for the C++ language and standard library, a spec that will soon become the joint ISO/ANSI C++ standard. Past readers will find that the new edition has changed a great deal and grown considerably […]

Programming C#, Third Edition

Aimed at experienced programmers and web developers, the new edition of Programming C# doesn’t waste words on elementary programming topics. Instead, this practical book focuses on the features and programming patterns that are new to the C# language and fundamental to the programming of web services and web applications on the .NET platform. Newly updated […]

Inheritance example

Simpler methods in the classes have been changed to inline code to shorten the file considerably. In a practical programming situation, methods that are this short should be programmed inline since the actual code to return a simple value is shorter than the code required to send a message to a non-inline method. /******************************************************* * […]

Direct-X Programming Questions

What is DirectX? DirectX is comprised of application programming interfaces (APIs) that are grouped into two classes: the DirectX Foundation layer, and the DirectX Media layer. These APIs enable programs to directly access many of your computer’s hardware devices. What is DirectDraw? The Microsoft DirectDraw API supports extremely fast, direct access to the accelerated hardware […]

Java Programming Questions

What is Java Programming Language? The Java programming language is a high-level language that can be characterized by all of the following buzzwords: Simple Architecture neutral Object oriented Portable Distributed High performance Interpreted Multithreaded Robust Dynamic Secure How java language works? With most programming languages, you either compile or interpret a program so that you […]

Unions and Structures

What is a Union? If we are having the less memory to use in our program, for example 64K, we can use a single memory location for more than one variable this is called union. You can use the unios in the followig locations. You can share a single memory location for a variable myVar1 […]