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This program is written in pure C programming language. The interface of the C program is just like Turbo C/C++ compiler like interface, and it also provides some gialog boxes same like the Turbo C/C++ compiler. It has menus just like C/C++ compiler, text formatting options and also provides options to change font color.
The dialog boxes are coded seperately so that they migh be used in other program or utility.

It performs the following functions:

  1. Hot keys/Short cut keys for all the menu options.
  2. About us dialog box to show some information.
  3. Open file dialogto select the file to open.
  4. Arrow keys to move up-down and right-left through out the texteditor window.
  5. Change text colors
  6. Undo text editing

This software is provided by MYCPLSU with the source code, you are free to use this code as you need and change the code.

  Text Editor (92.8 KiB, 11,658 hits)

Text Editor Dialog

Text Editor Dialog

Text Editor

Text Editor


  1. wat we hav to do in order to run tat file its not runing in ma comp.
    ter r seven .h files and one .cpp file
    and a .exe file…..
    but not executing at all

  2. I’ve been studying C++ programming.Visual Basic 6.0 Hardware and Software Core Test.And I’m advised by my proffessor to learn Internanent Management. Any feedback and input on these matters will be greatly appreciated! I need an editor to compile link and run C++ programs!

    Thanks, Sandra Sullivan.

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