Exception Handling in C#

An exception usually signals an error. Thought it doesn’t always indicate an eror, it can also signal some particularly unusual even in your program that deserves special attention.
Exception & Errors Handling
No mater how good our program is, it always have to be able to handle possible errors. Most applications today contain some form of error […]

Working with Namespaces in C#

Every application begins with a namespace in C# .NET that has the same name as the project. Of course, you can change the namespace to anything you like in order to maintain compatibility with other projects.

For example we declared namespace Mycplus.CSharpBasics while taking an Overview of C#. We can write the whole application with in […]

Statements in C#

The real nuts and bolts of a programming languages is that which controls the flow of a program called statements.
Types of Statements in C#
C# borrows most of its statements directly from C and C++, though there are some noteworthy additions and modifications.

Expression & Control statements
Labeled & goto statements

Control statements allow to branch the code depending […]

Predefined Datatypes in C#

Here we will see the data types available in C#. Before examining the data types in C#, first we will try to understand the C# have two categories of data types.

Value types
Reference types

Value type data type is that which stores the value directly in the memory. Its just like int, float and double. But reference […]

Application Structure

Let’s begin by looking at the structure of a C# application. Every C# application contains certain elements. The application begins with the hierarchical levels, listed here in order of appearance.


Every application begins with a namespace that has the same name as the project. Of course, you can change the namespace to anything you like in […]

An Overview of C#

C# is a new programming language specifically designed for Microsoft .NET Framework. C# is significant in two respects.

It is specifically designed for use with Microsoft’s .NET Framework.
It is based on modern Object Oriented Design methodology.

An Overview C# and the .NET Platform
C# and the .NET Platform are closely coupled. In fact, every application you create will […]

All About Microsoft. NET

The Microsoft .NET Framework, more commonly known as simply the .NET Framework, is a software development platform created by Microsoft. The .NET Framework is now in version 2.0, which was released in October of 2005 and is the successor to two major previous versions: 1.0 and 1.1. .NET is a Microsoft technology that allows cross-language […]