Number Conversions

This is another one of my numerical analysis university assignments. It is an extension of binary to decimal conversion code. The program converts a number in any base to a number in any other base. The user inputs the original number, the base it was written in and the base it wants to convert to. […]

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The Standard C++ Library: Strings

Standard C++ not only incorporates all the Standard C libraries (with small additions and changes to support type safety), it also adds libraries of its own. These libraries are far more powerful than those in Standard C; the leverage you get from them is analogous to the leverage you get from changing from C to […]

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Solve the Quadratic equation using C++

This program will solve quadratic equations.
You can copy and paste it into an editor, save it and compile from there.I have compiled and run this on a RedHat GNU/Linux machine using kernel 2.4.20-6 and it works. If you are using another system ( windows or mac you may need to change the coding ).
To compile: […]

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Phil Sykes

This is a class which has a member function that takes 3 arguements – std::string thestlstring, int base, and int base2. the function converts a number stored in the form of an std::string from the first base to the second. Bases 2 – 16 are supported.


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Flexible Vector and Matrix (Vectors and Matrix with Arbitrary Bounds)

Here is Flexible Vector and Matrix (Vectors and Matrix with Arbitrary Bounds). The algorithm has been written by Alex Vinokur. Programming Language : C++. Any and all comments would be appreciated.

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Multiple inheritance

In order to keep the program as simple as possible, all of the member methods are defined as inline functions.? This puts the code for the methods where it is easy to find and study.? You will also notice that all variables in both classes are declared to be protected so they will be readily […]

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Car Race Game

You have to reach the finish line before the time goes out. There are many hurdles in your way.

So be careful.
* MYCPLUS Sample Code – *
* […]

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Database projects

This a database management project .

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