Oracle Replication: Snapshot, Multi-master & Materialized Views Scripts (Oracle In-Focus)

With the advent of inexpensive and fast worldwide connectivity, many Oracle professionals recognize the benefits of distributing Oracle data. However, Oracle multi-master replication is extremely complex and time-consuming to implant.

This book addresses the complexity of Oracle replication by providing working code examples and illustrations of working systems. Demonstrated is every aspect of Oracle snapshot replication […]

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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Performance Optimization and Tuning Handbook

Learn from a SQL Server performance authority how to make your database run at lightning speed. Ken England’s SQL Server 6.5 Performance Optimization and Tuning Handbook is recognized by SQL Server administrators as the indispensable guide to tuning and optimization. Now he’s revised the book for Microsoft’s new SQL Server 2000, the most advanced and […]

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Oracle Developer Forms Techniques [DOWNLOAD: ADOBE READER]

Oracle Developer Forms Techniques describes the concepts and techniques needed to build Web-enabled applications with Forms.

The book covers advanced topics in great detail, including understanding and overcoming error handling limitations in Forms, such as errors which cannot be tracked through normal FORM_SUCCESS or FORM_FAILURE, ordering by items based on FK look-ups, obtaining Query Count […]

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Fundamentals of data structures

This introduction to the fundamentals of data structures explores abstract concepts, considers how those concepts are useful in problem solving, explains how the abstractions can be made concrete by using a programming language, and shows how to use the C language for advanced programming and how to develop the advanced features of C++.

Covers the […]

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Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming (Programmer to Programmer)

SQL Server 2000 is the latest and most powerful version of Microsoft’s data warehousing and relational database management system. This new release is tightly integrated with Windows 2000 and offers more support for XML, as well as improved Analysis Services. Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming provides a comprehensive guide to programming with SQL Server 2000, […]

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Professional SQL Server Reporting Services

What is this book about? Professional SQL Server Reporting Services can be used by C#, VB, and ASP.NET developers, as well as SQL Server developers who are looking to develop customizable reports for the end user. Professional SQL Server Reporting Services is filled with detailed examples on building reports and designing report solutions, as well […]

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