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Microsoft C++ REST SDK

Microsoft C++ REST SDK version 1.0 codename Casablanca is open source project hosted at CodePlex, and takes advantage of the new set of capabilities introduced in C++ 11 to simplify cloud-based coding with a modern, asynchronous, and multi-platform API design.

The C++ REST SDK is included with Visual Studio 2013, and is also released as a […]

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Add time using structures in C++

Write a program having a structure named Time which has three integer data items i.e. hour, minute and second. The task is to add the variables of the Time data type though a function

void AddTime(Time *time1, Time *time2)

which takes as arguments the addresses of two Time type variables, adds these variables and stores the result […]

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Best free C and C++ programming courses online

In the previous article I compiled a list of C and C++ Programming websites/tutorials that could help you learn basic and advance techniques in programming. Today’s article shows you a list of C and C++ programming courses freely available online on different university websites in the form of OpenCourseware. OpenCourseWare is a term used for […]

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Test Driven Development for Embedded C

TDD is a modern programming practice C developers need to know. It’s a different way to program—unit tests are written in a tight feedback loop with the production code, assuring your code does what you think. You get valuable feedback every few minutes. You find mistakes before they […]

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Cracking the Coding Interview, Fourth Edition: 150 Programming Interview Questions and Solutions

In the 4th edition, Cracking the Coding Interview gives you the interview preparation you need to get the top software developer jobs. This book provides 150 Programming Interview Questions and Solutions.
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iPhone and iPad Apps for Absolute Beginners (Getting Started)

The iPhone is the hottest gadget of our generation, and much of its success has been fueled by the App Store, Apple’s online marketplace for iPhone applications. Over 1 billion apps have been downloaded in the 9 months the App Store has been open, ranging from the simplest games to the […]

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Top 10 C Language resources that will turn you into a better programmer

People consider computer programming a little tiresome but some find it more enjoyable. Every programmer has to keep up with the latest trends coming in the programming languages. Most of the programmers start programming in C as it is the most commonly used programming language for writing operating systems and applications.

If you are reading […]

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Programming Contests and Challenges

Here is a list of programming contests which you can participate and win prizes. Most of them are annual competitions but few are continuous and you can enter at any time. You can use C, C++ or C# .NET or any other programming language in these contests.

These contests offer young, talented programmers the opportunity to […]

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