Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, Second Edition

Cryptographic techniques have applications far beyond the obvious uses of encoding and decoding information. For Internet developers who need to know about capabilities, such as digital signatures, that depend on cryptographic techniques, there’s no better overview than Applied Cryptography, the definitive book on the subject. Bruce Schneier covers general classes of cryptographic protocols and then […]

MCAD/MCSD Self-Paced Training Kit: Microsoft .NET Core Requirements, Exams 70-305, 70-315, 70-306, 70-316, 70-310, 70-320, and 70-300

Three things struck me about this set as soon as I received it and started working through the material.

First, these books can be used for both learning and preparing for the certification exams.
Second, if you buy the set from Amazon and you intend to take the exams, your cost will be a fraction of […]

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Microsoft Visual C++ .NET Deluxe Learning Edition

Teach yourself how to develop applications with Visual C++ .NET-with tools and instruction, straight from the source! This DELUXE LEARNING EDITION contains Microsoft’s popular Step by Step tutorial and fully-supported, standard-edition software for Visual C++ .NET in a single, economical package.

Work at your own pace through the lessons and hands-on exercises-and apply your learning to […]

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Great Librarian 2.00.1

This is a C programming code by which a librarian can operate his library more fast. Students details can be added, updated and can issue multiple books. Progam shows different information about library including numbers of books and students. Books can also be added and updated. Books can be added along with title, author and […]

Memory as a Programming Concept in C and C++

Assuming readers have a basic familiarity with C or C++, Frantisek Franek describes the techniques, methods and tools available to develop effective memory usage. The overwhelming majority of “bugs” and crashes in computer programming stem from problems of memory access, allocation, or deallocation.

Such memory related errors are notoriously difficult to resolve. Moreover, the role that […]

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C Programming: A Modern Approach, 2nd Edition

The first edition of C Programming: A Modern Approach was popular with students and faculty alike because of its clarity and comprehensiveness as well as its trademark Q&A sections. Professor King’s spiral approach made it accessible to a broad range of readers, from beginners to more advanced students. With adoptions at over 225 colleges, the […]

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Oracle Replication: Snapshot, Multi-master & Materialized Views Scripts (Oracle In-Focus)

With the advent of inexpensive and fast worldwide connectivity, many Oracle professionals recognize the benefits of distributing Oracle data. However, Oracle multi-master replication is extremely complex and time-consuming to implant.

This book addresses the complexity of Oracle replication by providing working code examples and illustrations of working systems. Demonstrated is every aspect of Oracle snapshot replication […]

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Newton’s Telecom Dictionary

Newton’s Telecom Dictionary helps technology and business professionals stay on top of the ever-changing network, telecom, and IT industry. Businesses are adopting new telecom and communications services and equipment that save money and improve efficiency; meanwhile, professionals are struggling to keep up with newly created technical terms and acronyms. Industry guru Harry Newton explains these […]

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